Investing in digital assets
doesn’t need to be complicated.

Simplifying crypto asset ownership


Ownable specialises in one-on-one personalised crypto asset custody solutions and advisory support services. We work with you directly to supplement your KiwiSaver with regular crypto asset investment allocations; we support the establishment and regular contributions to a fund for your children; and we facilitate one-off lump sum investments. We support the process from beginning to end, with security, fit, legal structure, estate execution, and tax obligations top of mind.

Support your KiwiSaver

Self-custody your retirement with regular crypto asset purchases alongside your KiwiSaver contributions. We will support you in establishing a set-and-forget regular crypto asset investment portfolio - that supplements your KiwiSaver goals with a structure that protects you and your children in the future.

Lump Sum Investment

Maintain portfolio exposure to crypto assets. Ownable works with you on the best custody solution for your investment. We assess exchange-based custody solutions, managed funds, and hardware wallet custody options. We assist in on ramping your funds, secure back-up solutions, and ownership structures.

Invest for your children

Organise crypto assets in your children’s names for their future. Ownable works directly with you one-on-one to establish and execute a tailored outcome reflective of your family’s situation and goals - with a clear inheritance strategy and better tax outcomes.

What do we do?

  • Legal ownership structures for better tax outcomes

  • Breadcrumb estate planning

  • Back-up and recovery strategies

  • Tax implications of sales and purchases

  • Onboarding strategies

  • Assessing intermediary fees, pathways and accounts

  • Exchange-based v. cold custody exposure

  • Engagement with bank policy and local regulations

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